Thought Puzzles and Brain Stretchers, by Donna Benedetti

Designed & illustrated by Jeremy Thornton
2008, 42 pages, spiral bound, 6.25" x 7.5"

Available from the author.

Dear Readers
Wild World Riddles

Thought Puzzles & Brain Stretchers

Thought Puzzles and Brain Stretchers invites young readers to stretch their brains and think clearly about ideas and questions sprinkled throughout the collection. Some of the poems have a slightly philosophical bent . . . Have you ever seen a ball that’s square? Do you think such a ball would be rather rare? Others are just silly . . . If hammerhead sharks had toothaches inside, would dentists dare ask them to “Please open wide?”

This is a new-age toy that comes with no gadgets attached, no promises of right answers, and no age restrictions. It’s simply a book that will engage children and the adults in their lives with hours of pure, imaginative entertainment.


I’m thinking of somewhere that’s quite full of stuff,
Just birds, bats, and bees aren’t nearly enough.

I said it’s quite full, so I’ll add a bit more . . .
Jungles and mountains, the sea and the shore.

It also has pizzas, skate boards, and tunes,
Billions of stars and rainbow balloons.

I suppose you’re wondering what else there could be.
Well, it goes without saying, there’s got to be me!

And since you are listening, there must be you, too!
Now everything else can be up to you.

I know you’ll add lots to this mystery place,
Since all that exists belong in this space!