"I congratulate you on this fine achievement … conveying these years with such conviction and gentle humour, a rare insight into a very different world …
Your gift for detail is enviable … The account of the African Campaign brings it to life better than anything I have read. You never lose the human touch."

– Daniel Farson, author and critic


Geoffrey Thornton: Memories 1938–1946

My father wrote Memories, his memoir of WWII experiences, and had it printed and bound at a copy shop. It was just text. Several years later I read it again and remembered that somewhere in his home, my father had a box of photos. We went through the material together and he was able to provide all the details. I did very little editing – only creating chapters and spelling out military acronyms. I added maps and researched a couple of photos. His writing style was direct and to the point, so I wanted to honor that with straightforward design, nothing fancy. We had a few copies printed for family and friends and also provided a version on CD that people could print for themselves.

A year later my father lost his eyesight.

Working with my father brought us closer together at the end of his life. In families, we are often too close to appreciate the talents of our loved ones. I discovered that my father was a good writer. Also that he had a "good war." All his qualities and ethics came together as he excelled as a fair leader. The photographs tell the additional story, not only of wartime sacrifice but also that there were surprising moments of fun.

– Jeremy Thornton

You can download a chapter here.