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Turn your rich experiences and creative works into a story – your personal story – that family members and friends will treasure for generations to come. [More]

Jottings Press is a unique collection of personal histories, poetry & art collections, and children’s stories – jottings for inquisitive minds of all ages.

2013 Books from Jottings Press

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San Francisco Boats on the Bay: A Voyage in Riddles

“A lively book of children’s verse that captures the excitement of seeing boats of all sizes. . . . This photo-filled book will likely hold the attention of little landlubbers reading aloud with their parents, as well as that of older kids with a sustained interest all things maritime. . . . a fun guide for both visitors and residents. . . . A witty introduction to boats and a useful reference for youngsters.”—Kirkus Reviews

Written by Donna Benedetti and designed by Jeremy Thornton, San Francisco Boats on the Bay provides an accessible, playful way for children to learn about 24 distinct vessels that crisscross San Francisco Bay. Boats include kayaks, tugboats, ferries, barges, sailboats, oil tankers and many others. SF Boats on the Bay is packed with entertaining boat stories, astounding facts, and heroic crews that will captivate children and adults alike. This is a book that will inevitably engage its readers as critical thinkers who ask questions – whether it's about the name of a boat, what it does, where it goes or what its history is – and try to answer those questions.

The wealth of information, humor and clever design touches in SF Boats on the Bay makes this an unforgettable voyage for all ages, with parents and teachers gladly welcomed aboard! [More]

The Brooklyn Diet: Life’s Tough But You Eat Anyway
This humorous, true-to-life guide presents a running conversation between two friends who bring the Depression era in New York City’s boroughs to life. It celebrates simpler times when what you ate was based on your economic means; natural exercise was an inherent part of your day; food was basic, fresh and healthy; and the rhythms of neighborhood life were part of growing up. [More]